Woodland Encounter

Size H: 8.5″  W: 8″  D: 5″      

Edition Size: Open (Unique)     Price: Email or call for current price

Who doesn’t love wrens?! They are so endearing with their mighty song, diminutive size, and engaging personalities. We had a pair nesting annually in a little bird house hanging from one of our oak trees when we lived in Minnesota. They never failed to fledge a brood successfully and were tireless parents – bringing oodles of insects to their nestlings. They loved to forage in the luxuriant vegetation around our property and were very aggressive toward other birds that had the audacity to come anywhere near their nest or territory in general. In this sculpture, I imagine a chance encounter between two little wrens; are they a male and female coming together with the possibility of creating a pair bond… or are they two adults who will soon be having an agonistic event? Only the wrens know for sure.

Woodland Encounter - Diane Mason - Wrens and Mushrooms

Woodland Encounter - Diane Mason - Wren and Mushroom