Charmin’ Charlie

Size: H: 22″  W: 10″  D: 20″      

Edition Size: 19 


When “Charlie” was a chick of about 2 weeks of age, I went down to the barn in the morning to find him attempting to follow his
mother, but dragging his right leg.  I couldn’t find any broken bones, but took him immediately to the veterinarian.  While
examining him, we both heard a “pop” as the dislocated leg popped back into the socket.  For several days, the leg had to be
bandaged close to the body and he was unable to walk, so I kept him in a small cage in my bird room.  To keep him company, I
spent a lot of time just holding him and talking to him.  We “bonded”, and even now as a huge rooster nearly 9 ½ years old, he still
likes to sit with his “mom”, and remains very affectionate.  He is huge, gorgeous, and totally charming.  I modeled this rooster after
my “Charmin’ Charlie”.

Charmin' Charlie - Diane Mason - Rooster

Charmin' Charlie - DIane Mason - Rooster