Spring Planting

Size H: 8″  W: 15″  D: 11″

Edition Size: 19      Price: Email or call for current price

I have a pair of old leather gardening gloves which I just love, even though they are stiff and cracked. They have character! I love to plant flowers in the spring, and I love chickadees… and they love sunflower seeds! So I thought I’d combine all of these elements as a celebration of the renewal of life, hope for summer color, and delight in the antics of the birds which come to our feeders. This piece would be fun displayed indoors, of course, but it could also be a focal point on a patio or in a little area of the garden surrounded by flowers. There are nuts welded on the bottom so that all-thread could be inserted and the piece could then be permanently secured on a rock, in concrete, or on wood as desired.