Captivated by Candlelight

Size H: 8″  W: 9″  D: 5″

Edition Size: 29      Price: Email or call for current price

While I don’t want mice in my studio or house, I do think they are cute little critters. I’ve even raised an entire family in an aquarium in the past, and then released them well away from any human habitation! They are endearing little creatures which, while they may be a nuisance to us, are just trying to make a living in this big world. They are, of course, creatures of the night… so I thought it would be fun to depict a couple of little mice encountering a flickering candle – where they are ‘captivated by candlelight’. You can always imagine that they are outside on a picnic table if you like! This would make a lovely little piece on a hearth or mantle, to provide a bit of light and interest in the evenings. It would also make a good nightlight in a child’s room. The candle is battery-operated and turns on and off with a twist at the bottom. I made certain to give the mice cute little ‘personalities’ so they wouldn’t be TOO real and mouse-like!