The Good Provider

Size H: 13″  W: 8″  D: 11

Edition Size: 19      Price: Email or call for current price

Several years ago, we were visiting a good friend and fellow sculptor, Forest Hart, in Maine. He had arranged for us to go out to see the Atlantic Puffins on Machias Seal Island. It was late June and the weather was mild… but as we boarded the boat which would take us to the island, we were enveloped by a dense fog bank. The entire hour of our journey, we could see nothing – but as we approached Machias Seal Island, the sun broke through the fog and enveloped everything in golden morning light. We could see puffins and razorbills in the water around the boat, and that was thrilling – but nothing compared to the spectacle which awaited us on the island itself. It was nesting season, and the Arctic terns, razorbills, and puffins were all busily engaged in nesting and feeding their hatchlings. We got into our little blind and were amazed at the sheer number of birds before us, all busily going about their business as we snapped photos as fast as we could. It was a purely magical experience, and the hour went by much too quickly! Once home, I simply had to use those photos to create a sculpture of one of these adorable, comical, yet dedicated parents who must work constantly to keep those hungry little mouths fed.

Atlantic Puffin