Spring is in the Hare (SOLD OUT)

Size: H: 15″  W: 20″  D: 10″

Edition Size: 25    Price: Email or call for current price

This is actually a hare, not a rabbit.  I wanted to sculpt the longer ears, and longer legs of a hare, while still capturing the feel of
one of our many cottontail rabbits cavorting around the yard.  I had just finished sculpting the piece, and was wondering what to
title it.  My husband walked by, looked at it, and said:  “Spring Is In The Hare” – a wonderful play on words.  The title stuck!  This
sculpture is now in very low inventory, and is nearly sold out.

Spring is in the Hare - Diane Mason - RabbitSpring is in the Hare - Diane Mason - Rabbit