Ham ‘ Eggs (SOLD OUT)

Size: H: 3.5″  W: 7″  D: 4″       

Bronze  Edition Size: 99   


A sculptor friend had admired my chickens at the Loveland Invitational Show, and said that since I did chickens so well, why
didn’t I put them into compositions with other animals? He suggested that I come up with a sculpture having the title of “Ham ‘n
Eggs”, and thus the idea was “hatched”. I needed a happy-looking pig, preferably rounded but immature, and a very
contented-looking hen. As my hens tend to enjoy riding around on my back at times, I figured they might occasionally sit on the
backs of other animals as well. A nice little pig might make the ideal perch at nap time, thus was the composition determined –
and the sculpture itself came together quickly once I began to work on it.

Pig and Chicken - DIane Mason - Ham 'n Eggs Pig and Chicken - DIane Mason - Ham'n Eggs