The Artist’s Muse

Size H: 13″  W: 8″  D: 8  Edition Size: 19

All artists get their inspiration for their creations from something, whether it be a beautiful landscape, a wonderful face or figure, an animal, flowers… whatever speaks to them.  That applies equally to drawing or painting, or sculpture.  In my case, it is always an animal that inspires me to build a sculpture which tells a little story about that creature, which I often enjoy pairing with a human element. In this instance, I imagined that an artist was ready to start painting when a hummingbird took the opportunity to perch momentarily on the edge of the Ball jar filled with brushes and pencils.  What could possibly be a better ‘Muse’ for the next painting than a delightful and unexpected ‘visitor’ in the form of a hummingbird?  The sculpture virtually built itself around that concept.