Some Day …. I’ll Be Pink!

Size H: 10″  W: 9″  D: 5.5″

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In 2016, the Society of Animal Artists had their Annual Exhibition opening at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. One of the activities for attending members was a day at the Houston Zoo. It was a lovely zoo, but once I happened upon the flamingo exhibit… I could hardly tear myself away to see any other animals. It was early autumn, and there were fledgling flamingos in all stages of growth… from little fluffy white ones with stubby legs and bills, to the gray adolescents with longer legs and bills – and, of course, the gorgeous adults in their pink plumage and extremely long legs and interesting bills. It was so much fun to watch the interactions of the young ones with one another and with the adults, and I was totally smitten! I must have taken nearly 100 photos of the little ones. Once I got home, the desire to sculpt one wouldn’t leave me, even though I doubted it would be a commercially-successful subject. These little flamingo chicks aren’t pretty, but they are most endearing. And someday… they will be pink!

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