Blackberry Bliss (SOLD OUT)

Size: H: 7″  W: 12″  D: 8″       

Edition Size: 19   Price: Email or call for current price

When we lived in Kansas, we commonly had to stop the car and move Ornate Box Turtles out of the road. These beautiful little terrapins are common throughout the mid-west and are commonly encountered in pastures where they feed upon the insects attracted to cow droppings. They can also be readily found in gardens, where they enjoy both the insects such as beetles and worms, and the produce. Those kept as pets often enjoy fruit as well. I could imagine one of these little terrapins feasting on juicy Blackberries on branches which are close to the ground, and thus the sculpture was created to capture just such a magical moment.

Blackbery Bliss - Diane Mason - Box Turtle Blackberry Bliss - Diane Mason - Box Turtle