D. D. Mason Sculptures
"Just Jack"
Welcome to my website! I invite you to browse through my virtual gallery,
showcasing both wildlife and domestic animals in bronze - or my works in
process to see my newest works in clay.  My art has evolved as a means of
expressing my life-long fascination with ethology(animal behavior), and the joy
that comes from sharing life with animals. Correct anatomy, and good artistic
design, are both of great importance in my sculpture; however, I attempt to
capture the vitality, personality, and wonder inherent in all living things. It is my
hope that viewers of my work will not only enjoy the "show", but will also share
in my appreciation of all creatures - and the joy of living.  I specialize in birds
and chickens (roosters and hens), but also enjoy sculpting foxes and other
mammals, both wildlife and domestic.   
                                        Diane D. Mason           
Thank you for visiting. Please take a minute to give me feedback on
wildlife or domestic animal subjects in which you are interested.  
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Thank you for your time.
Diane Mason's bronze wildlife  sculpture subjects include fox, rabbit, hare, goose, birds, cougar, bear,bear cubs,mice, bunny, sea
lion, gosling, coyote, rockhopper penguin, owl, blue footed booby, bison, buffalo, big horn sheep, ram, fawn, moose, squirrel,
saw-whet owls, great blue heron, North Atlantic puffin, and more.  The domestic animal sculpture subjects include pig,
chickens, rooster, hen,  and more. Check out the penguin and bunny bottle stoppers - many more to come.

Diane has started a new line of wildlife and domestic animal jewelry in bronze - subjects include  leaping rabbit, rooster, fox,  
bison (buffalo), penguin - with more to come.

The bison pendant can be used as a mascot for Colorado University (CU).

The jewelry can be worn as a necklace or a pin.

Please enjoy all of my bronze wildlife and domestic animal creations.
Diane is on the Board of the Society
of Animal Artists (SAA).  Please
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