When the Going Gets Tough, ….. Rockhopper Penguin (Low Inventory)

Size H: 12″  W: 12″  D: 10″

 Edition Size: 15    Price: Email or call for current price

Rockhopper penguins have undeniable charm, with their cute penguin shapes and golden plumes. I couldn’t resist sculpting one,
although I wished to depict more action than could be found in the typical “hopping” stance. Several reference photos showed
them walking or even running up and down sloping beaches, so I opted for a position that emphasized the effort required to climb
up to the nesting areas from the water. They are tough, scrappy birds – as are all penguins, necessitated by their environments –
hence “When the going gets tough….”

When the Going Gets Tough - DIane Mason - Rockhooper PenquinWhen the Going Gets Tough - DIane Mason - Rockhopper Penquin