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High Tea

High Tea Size H: 9" W: 8" D: 8"  Edition...
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Winter Mittens

Winter Mittens Size H: 6"  W: 12"  D: 9  Edition...
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The Artist’s Muse

The Artist's Muse Size H: 13"  W: 8"  D: 8 ...
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Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty - Red Fox Size H: 27"  W: 24"...
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Exuberance of Spring

Exuberance of Spring Size H: 4"  W: 12"  D: 8"
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Wisdom Keeper II

Wisdom Keeper II Size H: 9.5"  W: 12"  D: 10"...
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Rooster Royalty

Rooster Royalty Size H: 12"  W: 12"  D: 12" Edition...
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Sought…and Found

Sought...and Found Size H: 10"  W: 11.5"  D: 11" Edition...
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Opportunity Squeaks

Opportunity Squeaks Size H: 8.5"  W: 10"  D: 6.5" Edition...
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Captivated by Candlelight

Captivated by Candlelight Size H: 8"  W: 9"  D: 5"...
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Spring Planting

Spring Planting Size H: 8"  W: 15"  D: 11" Edition...
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Wild Thing – Jungle Fowl Hybrid

Wild Thing - Jungle Fowl Hybrid Size H: 22″  W:...
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Daisy – Flower-vendor’s Donkey

Daisy - Flower-vendor's Donkey Size H: 11"  W: 11"  D: 7"...
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Mine! Size H: 5.5"  W: 9"  D: 6" Edition Size:...
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Over Worked and Under Paid – Gold Miner’s Donkey

Over Worked and Under Paid - Gold Miner's Donkey Size...
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Atlantic Puffin

The Good Provider

The Good Provider Size H: 13″  W: 8″  D: 11...
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TEa for Two Wrens

Tea for Two? (Sold Out)

Tea for Two? (Sold Out) Size H: 5.5″  W: 9″...
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Call Of The Wild – Sandhill Crane

Call Of The Wild - Sandhill Crane Size H: 24″...
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Some Day …. I’ll Be Pink

Some Day …. I'll Be Pink! Size H: 10″  W:...
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Nature's Garden View - Diane Mason - Bronze Bell

Nature’s Garden Bell

Nature's Garden Bell Size: H: 14"  W: 7.5"  D: 5"...
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Bonita – Donkey

Bonita - Donkey Size H: 11"  W: 11"  D: 4"...
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Clementine – Gold-miner’s Donkey

Clementine - Gold-miner's Donkey Size H: 11"  W: 11"  D:...
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Bounty From Above - DIane Mason - Mouse and Pear

Bounty From Above

Bounty From Above Size H: 4.5"  W: 6.5"  D: 4"...
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Looking For Lizzie - Diane Mason - Collared Lizard

Looking for Lizzie (Collared Lizard)

Looking for Lizzie (Collared Lizard) Size H: 4"  W: 8"...
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Blackbery Bliss - Diane Mason - Box Turtle

Blackberry Bliss – Ornate Box Turtle (SOLD OUT)

Blackberry Bliss (SOLD OUT) Size: H: 7"  W: 12"  D:...
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Who's Looking at Who - Diane Mason - Burrowing Owl on Binoculars

Who’s Looking at Who? (SOLD OUT)

Who's Looking at Who (SOLD OUT) Size H: 13"  W:...
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Full Tummy - Diane Mason - Sleeping Mouse

Full Tummy

Full Tummy - Sleeping Mouse Size: H: 2"  W: 7"...
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Say Cheese - Diane Mason - Mouse and Cheese

Say Cheese (SOLD OUT)

Say Cheese (SOLD OUT) Size: H: 3"  W: 5"  D:...
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Little Drummer Bird - DIane Mason - Ruffed Grouse

Little Drummer Bird – Ruffed Grouse

Little Drummer Bird - Ruffed Grouse (Low Inventory) Size:  H:...
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The Dinner Bell - Diane Mason - Owls and Prey on Bell

The Dinner Bell

The Dinner Bell (Low Inventory) Size: H: 19"  W: 7.5"...
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Ornate Box Turtle - Diane Mason

Ornate Box Turtle (SOLD OUT)

Ornate Box Turtle (SOLD OUT) Size: H: 3.5"  W: 9"...
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Mother Love - DIane Mason - Bobwhite Quail

Mother Love

Mother Love - Bobwhite Quail Size:  H: 4"  W: 6.5"...
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Got Any Milk - Diane Mason - Squirrel with cookie

Got Any Milk?

Got Any Milk? Size: H: 10"  W: 8"  D: 6"...
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Apple Turnover - DIane Mason - B;ack Bear and Apples

Apple Turnover

Apple Turnover Size: H: 12"  W: 8"  D: 8"       ...
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Just Kickin' Back - DIane Mason - Sea Lion

Just Kickin’ Back – Sea Lion

Just Kickin' Back - Sea Lion (Low Inventory) Size: H:...
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California Girl - Dine Mason - Sea Lion

California Girl

California Girl Size H: 3.5"  W: 6"  D: 4.5"      ...
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The Vixen - DIane Mason - Red Fox

The Vixen (SOLD OUT)

The Vixen (SOLD OUT) Size:  H: 18"  W: 36"  D:...
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Fast Food Take Out - Diane Mason - Great Blue Heron and Fish

Fast Food Take Out

Fast Food Take Out (Low Inventory) Size: H: 30"  W:...
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Toe Lickin' Good - Diane Mason - Bunny Rabbit

Toe Lickin’ Good (SOLD OUT)

Toe Lickin' Good (SOLD OUT) Size H: 6"  W: 4"...
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Prime Waterfront Real Estate - Diane Mason - Woodduck and Frog

Prime Waterfront Real Estate

Prime Waterfront Real Estate Size: H: 9"  W: 18"  D:...
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On The Road With Moter Goose - DIane Mason - MOther Goose

On The Road With Mother Goose

On The Road With Mother Goose (No Longer Available) Size:...
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Scarlet Sentinal - Diane Mason - Male Cardinal

Scarlet Sentinel (No Longer Available)

Scarlet Sentinel - Cardinal  (No Longer Available) Size: H: 18"...
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Beauty Bath - DIane Mason - Mule Deer Doe

Beauty Bath (No Longer Available)

Beauty Bath (No Longer Available) Size: H: 11"  W: 12"...
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Bantam Rooster and Candles - Diane Mason - Bantam Rooster and Candles

Japanese Bantam Rooster and Candle Holders

Japanese Bantam Rooster and Candle Holders (No Longer Available) Size:...
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Devoted - DIane Mason - Labrador Retriever Bust


Devoted - Lab Bust (No Longer Available) Size H: 9.5"...
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Spring is in the Hare - Diane Mason - Rabbit

Spring is in the Hare (SOLD OUT)

Spring is in the Hare (SOLD OUT) Size: H: 15"...
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When the Going Gets Tough - DIane Mason - Rockhopper Penquin

When the Going Gets Tough, ….. Rockhopper Penguin

When the Going Gets Tough, ..... Rockhopper Penguin (Low Inventory)...
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Cochin Rooster - DIane Mason - Cochin Rooster

Cochin Rooster (SOLD OUT)

Cochin Rooster (SOLD OUT) Size H: 4"  W: 3.5"  D:...
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Chicken on a Basket - Diane Mason - Chicken and Basket

Chicken on a Basket

  Chicken on a Basket Size: H: 3"  W: 3"...
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Bats In The Bell-fry - Diane Mason - Bat Bell

Bats in the Bell-fry (Bat Bell)

Bats in the Bell-fry (Bat Bell) Size: H: 14"  W:...
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Silent Sentinal - Diane Mason - Screech Owl

Silent Sentinel (Screech Owl)

Silent Sentinel (Screech Owl) Size: H: 15.5"  W: 6"  D:...
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Litle Vixe - DIane Mason - Red Fox

Little Vixen (SOLD OUT)

Little Vixen (SOLD OUT) Size H: 4.5"  W: 9.5"  D:...
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Pig and Chicken - DIane Mason - Ham 'n Eggs

Ham ‘n Eggs (SOLD OUT)

Ham ' Eggs (SOLD OUT) Size: H: 3.5"  W: 7"...
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Just Jack - Diane Mason - Jackrabbit

Just Jack

Just Jack! Size:  H: 10.5"  W: 20.5"  D: 10"       Bronze  ...
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The Wisdom Keeper (Low Inventory)

The Wisdom Keeper (Low Inventory) Size H: 10"  W: 13"...
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Charmin Charlie

Charmin' Charlie Size: H: 22"  W: 10"  D: 20"      ...
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Woodland Encounter

Woodland Encounter Size H: 8.5"  W: 8"  D: 5"      ...
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Who You?

Who You? Size H: 15"  W: 16"  D: 11"     ...
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