D. D. Mason Sculptures
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Domestic Animals
"Ham 'n Eggs"
"Spring Chicken"
"Charlie and the Bug"
"Charmin' Charlie"
"The New Girls"
"Japanese Bantam
with Candle Holders"
"Japanese Bantam"
"Cochin Rooster"
"Got Any Milk?"
"Spring is in the Hare"
"A Whisper on the Wind"
"Just Kickin' Back"
"Fast Food Take-Out"
"Apple Turnover"
"When the Going Gets
Tough, ..."
"Toe-Lickin' Good"
"Don't Mess With Momma"
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"Chicken On A Basket"
"The Good Provider"
"On The Road With
Mother Goose"
"Say Cheese"
"Full Tummy"
"Ornate Box Turtle"
"Baby Robins"
"Avian Sunshine"
"Lady In Red"
"Scarlet Sentinel"
"Prime Waterfront
Real Estate"
"Beauty Bath"
"Who's Looking At
Lab Bust
"Little Vixen"
Edition Sold Out
Edition Sold Out
"The Wisdom Keeper"
Edition Sold Out
"Blackberry Bliss"
"Bounty From Above"
"California Girl"
"Best Seat In The House"
"Looking For Lizzie"
"Wild Thing -
Jungle Fowl Hybrid"
"Woodland Encounter"
"The Dinner Bell"
"Who You?"
Burrowing Owl
"Longevity with Joy"
Red-Crowned Crane
Edition Sold Out
"The Vixen"
Edition Sold Out
"Just Jack"
Blacktailed Jackrabbit
"Mother Love"
Bobwhite Quail
"Little Drummer Bird"