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  • Diane Masom Tea-For-Two-View1
  • Who_You_4_Burrowing_Owl_Mule_Deer_Antlerac
  • Woodland_Encounter_Wrens_and_Mushrooms_1ac
  • Blackberry_Bliss_Ornate_Box_Turtle_2ac
  • Jack Rabbit Sculpture 2 – Diane Mason – Just Jack
  • The Dinner Bell - Diane Mason - Owls and Prey on Bell

Welcome to my website! You will find creatures of all types here, including reptiles – but most of my focus is on birds and smaller mammals which are easy to ‘live with’. My sculpture is influenced by my background in Ethology (animal behavior) and a strong grounding in proper anatomy – but I tend to lean toward what many consider a bad word for fine art… CUTE. I can’t help myself. I feel art should bring delight to the viewer and bring them pleasure daily when they live with it in their homes. Because of that, my work often has a strong anthropomorphic quality to it. It is my hope the viewer will identify with the creatures portrayed in my sculpture and feel a ‘kinship’ with the rest of the animal kingdom as I do.